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VideoIPath Connection Manager

Nevion’s new VideoIPath connection management platform addresses the complexity of deploying video over IP services. This platform works in conjunction with Nevion’s flexible hardware solutions that are designed to efficiently transport existing video standards over IP infrastructures. VideoIPath adds a network abstraction layer that allows service providers to provision and monitor services without having to consider detailed configuration settings in each network element. The platform auto-detects available video end-points and allows the user to setup connections by selecting the appropriate video end-points and service profile. Additional advanced capabilities include bandwidth utilization management and forward error correction for the most efficient use of infrastructure with the right quality of service.

VideoIPath utilizes a shortest path first algorithm to provision the least cost path from source to one or more destinations, and performs diverse path routing to support Nevion’s Streaming Intelligent Protection Switching (SIPS) concept. The system keeps track of bandwidth allocation on each link within the core network to avoid any over-provisioning delivering predicable performance for video over IP services.

  • Efficient utilization of network resources to maximize revenue
  • Pro-actively discover potential problems before they become service affecting
  • Flexible configuration of services suitable for non-expert operators
  • Maximize use of infrastructure by adapting to dynamically changing customer needs
Key Features:
  • Automated provisioning of new services (occasional use or permanent)
  • Continuous service monitoring and automated disaster recovery
  • No need to manually perform configurations in each element
  • Intelligent routing decisions based on bandwidth utilization and other network constraints
  • Diverse path routing to support end-to-end redundancy
  • Secure end-user provisioning of services
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