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TS Monitor

The TNS546 TS Monitor is a powerful toolbox for continuous monitoring of transport streams, services, PIDs and PSI/SI/PSIP tables. It enables fast fault detection and diagnostics in an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

The TNS546 monitors streams on DVB-ASI, SMPTE310, IP/Ethernet and thereby eliminates the costs for interface adaptation. Thanks to its intuitive user interface operators save time for error tracking, resolve the issues faster and ensure higher uptimes. The trend monitoring functionalities help the operators to schedule maintenance and support activities reducing the OPEX of the system. TNS546 can be configured via an easy-to-use web interface and interact with overlaying network management systems. Scheduled software upgrades can be performed via Connect, VideoIPath, or any NMS.

TNS546 TS Monitor functional diagram
  • High density reducing equipment cost (up to 24 individual Transport Streams per half RU)
  • Simultaneous, in-depth analysis of signal, services, components as well as table decoding
  • Flexible interfaces eliminate the need for format conversion equipment
  • Persistent local alarm log and easy integration with NMS
  • Integrated with leading NMS systems
  • Central head-end monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of signals
  • Monitoring of signals in transmission chain
  • 24/7 continuous supervision of signals
  • SLA monitoring (up time statistics)
  • Stand-alone monitoring
Key Features:
  • ETR101 290 priority 1-3
  • T2-MI analysis for DVB-T2
  • Trend monitoring
  • Template monitoring 
  • SLA monitoring
  • EPG monitoring
  • EPG viewer
  • SFN delay monitoring (MIP and DVB-T2 time stamp monitoring)
  • PCR analysis (jitter histogram view)
  • Service, PID nad bit rate monitoring
  • IP/RTP monitoring
  • Media Delivery Index monitoring
  • Ethernet monitoring with IP snooping
  • Full table decoding
  • 2 ASI output test ports (loop any ASI or IP input TS)
  • Streaming of individual services or entire multiplexes (inputs)