Nevion CEO talks about Live-IP in the LiveIP studio at IBC 2016

Geir Bryn-Jensen LiveIP Interview at IBC 2016

In September 2016, the VRT-EBU LiveIP studio environment was packed up from its usual home at VRT in Brussels (Belgium), where it had being used throughout the summer for live TV production, and transported to IBC 2016 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), where it was to feature prominently in the IBC Interoperability Zone and also be used for some of the IBC TV production.

The VRT Sandbox LiveIP, it is worth remembering, is the world’s first proof of concept of a complete live production that relies exclusively on IP and open standards. It is driven by VRT and the EBU and is powered by a long list of partners including Nevion, Axon, Dwesam, EVS, Genelec, Grass Valley, Lawo, Tektronix and Trilogy. Within that project, Nevion provides the software defined network (SDN) and management solution, VideoIPath.

During one of the studio’s “down times” at IBC, Nevion could not resist having a go at creating a small live-to-record TV program, produced by the professional VRT production crew on site. We chose to do an interview of Nevion’s CEO, Geir Bryn-Jensen, focusing on the significance of the LiveIP project for Nevion, the participants in the projects and the industry as a whole.

In the interview, Geir underlines that the project is very relevant to what Nevion is all about. “We were very early out promoting IP. When we were approached by VRT-EBU on this project, that was the perfect fit for us!”

The VRT-EBU project is very much about showing how IP is ready to change the industry. “The whole industry in a massive shift,” explains Bryn-Jensen “It’s going through not just a technology shift. One type of technology will revolutionize how media production is done.”

“Even if it’s a multi-vendor environment, in a competitive space. Where innovation is crucial it’s worked out very well for everybody”, he adds.

“This project is becoming the start of a new beginning for the industry”, Bryn-Jensen concludes.

This was of course underlined by the fact that VRT-EBU LiveIP won the IBC 2016 Innovation Award for Content Creation, beating BT Sport’s Augmented Reality for the UEFA Champions League project, and ESPN’s Pylon-Cam project.

The video of the interview can also be found on Nevion’s YouTube channel local.nevion-demo.com/youtube

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