2018 HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone

19/02/2018 - 23/02/2018 - JW Marriott Palm desert, CA

Nevion will be at the 2018 HPA Tech Retreat Innovation Zone, which showcases the latest in all aspects of digital-cinema, post-production, film, television, video, and related technologies for the exchange of information.

On Nevion stand, we will focus on our software-defined virtualization-ready convergent solutions. We will put a particular emphasis on our two key products:

VideoIPath and Virtuoso

  • Virtuoso: our software-defined media node, designed to provide multiple functionality related to the transport, processing and monitoring of media signals for both LAN/WAN (convergent) applications, including  encoding/decoding (JPEG 2000, H.264, TICO),  XMUX (e.g. audio embedding/de-embedding), and support for ST 2110 and specifically for the 2018 HPA, demo of 4K using J2K in under 1GB.
  • VideoIPath: our orchestration and SDN management software, designed to manage and monitor media networks (nodes, IP switches and other equipment) and services (signals) across LANs and WANs.

If you are interested in booking a meeting with us during the show please contact: Steve Sloane, VP Broadcasting solutions in Nevion.


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