Arista and Nevion Webinar: IP media networks for live production – how to get it right!

Using IP technology for live media production is becoming mainstream. The standards (including SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS IS-04/05) are in place and supported by a growing number of equipment vendors. However, creating IP media networks that span LANs and WANs, and can be flexible, low latency, resilient, scalable and future-proof, is not a trivial task.

This webinar, organized by Nevion partner Arista Networks, and presented jointly by Gerard Phillips (Systems Engineer, Arista) and Martin Walbum (SVP of Solution Strategy, Nevion), considers the fundamental issues that can affect projects, and looks at the key choices that need to be made to get it right, including architecture, control (including SDN) and telemetry.

To register for this webinar, follow the link below.

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