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14/09/2020 - 31/12/2020 - Online

Get close to Nevion – remotely!n

Live content production has been undergoing a significant shift for some years now, aided by IP and Virtualization technology. The events of recent months have only accelerated that transformation.

“Connect with the Architects” is a series of digital initiatives designed to enable you to find out, remotely, how Nevion, the Archiects of Virtualized media Production, can help you revolutionize your workflows.

What is “Connect with the Architects”?

Connect with the architects includes the following digital initiatives:

Meet the Architects1-to-1 meetings

In Conversation with the Architectsinformal “fireside chats” webinars

Listen to the Architectswebinars organized by Nevion, partners or industry organizations

Learn from the Architectsinstructive documents, whitepapers, videos and others

Meet the Architects

Engage in 1-to-1 conversations with Nevion, to discuss your IP projects

In Conversation with the Architects

Andy Rayner

This initiative, also known informally as “Fireside chats“, is a series of informal technical conversations between Nevion’s Chief Technologist and representatives from leading organization involved in various aspects of broadcast production, in which participation from the audience is encouraged.

Listen to the Architects

Webinars organized by Nevion and others, more about essential technical or business subjects

IP Solutions for Broadcasters with Cisco and Nevion

There is a big transition happening in the broadcast industry where customers are moving away from a SDI based legacy infrastructure to an IP based infrastructure. This session explains the key challenges that customers face in transitioning to an IP based network and how are they addressed using an tightly integrated solution from Cisco and Nevion. The session will also cover how this solution manages the workflows and infrastructure not just over the LAN but also over the WAN.

The webinar has been presented by Anup Mehta, Product Manager and Rahul Parameswaran, Manager Technical Marketing both from Cisco and Martin Walbum, SVP of Solution Strategy and Jan Helgesen, SVP Media Network Solutions, both from Nevion

Please note that that access to the webinar recording is currently password protected. Send your request to [email protected]

Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner talking about the “Virtualizing ST2110 – how we need to interface 2110 in a virtualized soft future” at the IP Oktoberfest 2020. Watch here the recording.

Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner speaking at the SMPTE ST 2110 over WAN. Watch the recording on YouTube VSF channel

Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner joining the discussion about “Transmission 2020: 5G, HEVC, JPEG XS, SRT, and Beyond” at the virtual SVG TRANSmission event.

Andy Rayner gives a progress update for the “ST 2110” WAN Activity Group of the VSF

Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner speaking at the Atlanta Section meeting (virtually) on September 14th at 4:00 PM ( on the subject of “To compress or not to compress: Architecting distributed IP production

5G for Remote and Distributed Production – An introduction by Sony and Nevion

Media organisations around the world are readying themselves for the new opportunities promised by 5G. Remote and distributed production are key areas that are set to benefit. But an overview of the technology is only the start.

Learn from the Architects

Access a wealth of resources to read or watch that will help you understand key issues

Andy Rayner was interviewed by Philip Nelson as part of IBC 365 for the IBC WORKFLOW TOURS on the topic of  Content Creation, explaining the position of Nevion as an early adopter as Virtualized Media production company.

IBC Exhibitor Showcase provide our visitors with a list of videos and documentation from Nevion.

The IABM BaM™ Shop Window is an online resource designed to help you source and find out more about the best products and services available in the industry.

Nevion Whitepapers

The new “From Baseband to IP to Virtualization” book is here!

Sony IP Live Whitepaper

Sony, together with Nevion, have put together a whitepaper that explains its IP  Live offering, with a particular focus on the management and orchestration layer.

Nevion resources: Whitepapers

Nevion offer a wealth of information in the form of different technical whitepapers that can be downloaded directly from our website.

Sports Tech Journal — Fall 2020

Nevion’s Chief Technologist Andy Rayner write about “Optimising timing of signals in IP remote production.

Why Nevion?

Your organization relies on real-time high-quality video, audio and data feeds, but you need to do increasingly more with less – more content with fewer resources

Nevion builds solutions based on IP and Virtualization to help you achieve just that

Get in touch with Nevion

We are the architects of virtualized media production.

For over 20 years, we have been providing award-winning, mission-critical, real-time media transport and processing solutions to broadcasters, telecom service providers, governmental agencies and other industries

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