Best Practices: Integrating with Mellanox for IP Facilities


Mellanox offers a wide range of switches that may be used in media applicationsThe Mellanox portfolio is typically deployed in a spine/leaf network architectures, but other topologies are also supportedNevion solutions are integrated with Mellanox and provides additional orchestration and SDN control capabilitiesOrchestration and SDN control is essential for operating a distributed spine/leaf infrastructure

Why orchestration?

Share resources between productions
Automate production workflows 
Schedule service provisioning
Adapt to changing needs•Flexibly utilize resource pools
Virtualize resources on-demand

Why SDN control?

Avoid over-subscription
Bandwidth management
Deterministic routing and quality of service 
Flow based access control and policing
Fast and clean switching(MBB/BBM)
LAN/WAN convergence


VideoIPath calculates the end-to-end path for connections and reserves resources
Endpoints are configured using NMOS or custom-built drivers
The Mellanox fabric is configured using Openflow to control distribution of multicast streams

VideoIPath and NEO co-existence


Control distribution of multicast streams
Ensure quality-of-experience for services (same as baseband)
Secure access to the infrastructure
Fast switching between sources
Flexibility to integrate LAN and WAN