Sony & Nevion

Experts you can trust to transform your production


The key for broadcasters to remain competitive is to leverage their strengths (high-quality content creation) and manage costs (through better workflows and resource sharing)

The move to IP is the opportunity to achieve this, but it is risky and could be costly.

That’s why broadcasters need experts they can trust to transform their production.


Sony and Nevion have an enviable track record of project deliveries.

Sony and Nevion recognize that solutions are driven by specific business needs. Those business needs don’t usually have a single possible solution though. Determining what solution or workflows are needed, should be the starting point. Next, it is important to establish the functionality that is required, before considering which products will best fulfill this functionality.

While every live production solution is unique in some ways, Sony and Nevion have identified 5 main IP-based solutions that cover most broadcasters’ requirements

Distributed production brings together (“federating”) all the production resources (including Cloud storage and processing) to enable production to produce anything, anywhere, anywhere – the ultimate goal of any broadcaster, and one that is typically reached incrementally

Building blocks

Sony and Nevion’s live production solutions are built on the functional building blocks. The functions are delivered by one or more Sony, Nevion, or 3rd party products.

The complete solution is built of multiple functions, working together. The key here is adherence to industry standards, something Sony and Nevion are passionate about.

These building blocks can be used to create incrementally all the different solutions a broadcaster my require, leading to a fully distributed production.

The above is consistent with the DPP model.

Ultimately, solutions are built on products, and Sony and Nevion have a reputation for innovation, and our products are widely recognized being the best in their respective classes. We also work closely with other leading suppliers of equipment to deliver a complete solution, for example with switch vendors such as Arista and Cisco.