IP facilities – Local Area Networks

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Help your customers seize the opportunity

FFFor many broadcasters, the move to IP is driven by the need for increased productivity, i.e. being able to do more with the same or less. But, in many cases they are initially considering a like-for-like replacement of baseband with IP. Then they lose out on the opportunity IP gives.

Help your customers seize the opportunity and get the most out of their investments.

Turning business needs into an architecture

Nevion has been designing and delivering IP networks and solutions for almost a decade, enabling broadcasters to optimise their network operations.Our architects translate the operational and commercial needs to a network solution that minimising the risk associated with moving to new technologies for the organisation.

A processing engine for IP media networks

Virtuoso is the go-to solution for live media IP processing and conversion for broadcasters. Its extensive list of functionalities for both live production networks and wide area media exchange networks makes Virtuoso a powerful engine for broadcasters production workflows, whether it sits in their data centers, equipment rooms or remote locations.

Broadcast centric control of IP media networks

VideoIPath is the industry leading Orchestration and SDN platform forSoftware Defined Media Networks. With its support for any network topology, multi-vendor switch support as well as controlling baseband routers as part of the network, VideoIPath can adapt to any network need presented.