CP330 T2-Bridge

Regional adaptation in DTT networks is a critical differentiator for network operators. The CP330 T2-Bridge offers the ideal toolbox for regional adaptation in DVB-T and DVB-T2 Single Frequency Networks (SFN).

The CP330 offers a flexible and highly cost effective solution for regional adaptation at DVB-T and DVB-T2 transmitter sites. By using Nevion’s deterministic processing technology CP330 supports two operational modes for feeding of transmitters in multiple SFN regions. The input signal feeding CP330 can be regional multi-stream feed or a transport stream as used for Direct to Home (DTH) satellite system.

CP330 supports multiple modes of operation:

  • Nevion deterministic adaptation based on Multiple Physical Layer Pipe (M-PLP) technology and enables the insertion of local content by adapting an incoming national T2-MI feed and a deterministic regional Transport Stream (TS) feed.
  • Nevion deterministic re-multiplexing uses a deterministic Transport Stream processing to insert local content and generate a standard compliant T2-MI at the transmitter site. Several CP330 T2-Bridges located at multiple transmitter sites in the same region will broadcast in SFN mode.


  • Allows operators to use spectrum efficient SFN networks
  • Enables the cost efficient reuse of DTH signals
  • Offers operators maximum flexibility in the design of their distribution network
  • Robust, flexible regional and local content insertion


  • Regional adaptation in DVB-T SFN networks where generating identical transmitter feeds is crucial
  • Regional adaptation in DVB-T2 networks using DTH broadcast signals (Deterministic re-multiplexing)
  • Regional adaptation in DVB-T2 networks by deterministic insertion of local content into a T2-Mi stream

Key Features

  • Deterministic re-multiplexing for DVB-T and DVB-T2
  • Deterministic adaptation for DVB-T2
  • Service Information processing
  • Emergency Warning System (EWS) support
  • Input stream monitoring
  • ASI and IP input/output interfaces
  • ASI pass-through i/o board
  • Input redundancy with alarm based switching
  • User-friendly configuration and control
  • Compact, cost-effective solutions with 2 units in 1RU


CP330 2.4.6

The CP330 software release 2.4.6 brings a number of new features and enhancements:
  • Added Regional Stream Adapter function that will be used for the RTRN project to support regional feeds with NRF format.
There are also some improvements, see release notes for full details.  

  CP330_release_notes_2_4_6_r5193 (05/02/2015)

Nevion Fastbrowser

Adobe air applicaton to browse gui of cPorcessor, nSure and Video Gateway products. The fastbrowser will cache the gui files so that download of the gui files is only needed once. This will help out browsing units on slow IP links. If you have the Fastbrowser already installed you might have to de-install the older one version before installing the new version as it is not signed with a "trusted" certificate.

  nfb_2_0_1 ()


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