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Flashlink IP-Connect brings IP connectivity to the baseband infrastructure


Flashlink IP-Connect gives your baseband infrastructure IP connectivity

Whether you move your facilities to IP, upgrade your OB production to IP or want to extend your IP Media LAN to include a baseband island, Flashlink IP-Connect gives your baseband infrastructure IP connectivity.

Compact and ultra-quiet, Flashlink IP-Connect is a pre-packaged solution well suited for stage-boxes, that enables you to connect all the devices using IP over fiber to those noisy switches placed away from the studio floor. Flashlink IP-Connect carries all the signals in the various formats used in production with sub-frame latency. Flashlink IP-Connect also comes with an integrated CWDM option to bring even higher data-rates over a single fiber.

With Flashlink IP-Connect, you can bring your production set-up into the IP world fast and cost effectively.

Flashlink IP-Connect supports SMPTE2022-6, AES-67 and PTP ensuring inter-operability with other IP equipment available in the market.

* Assumes PTP in the IP network




  • Cost efficient IP upgrade
  • Enables use of baseband investments in IP networks


  • Extending your IP production LAN
  • Connect your control room to IP
  • IP in the field
  • Connecting your studio to IP

Key Features

  • Multi-channel video over SMPTE2022-6
  • Analog and digital Audio over AES67
  • GPI in and out for Tally over IP
  • Serial data RS422/232/485 over IP
  • PTP sync to Analog black
  • Sub-frame latency
  • Direction configurable video ports

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