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TVG480 Post Production Gateway

TVG480 enables real-time remote color correction and approvals in post production workflows. By enabling real-time transport of high quality HD and 2K/cinema format video over low cost IP networks, directors and colorists view the same accurate, consistent colors and image quality as if they are working in the same place.

The TVG480 takes advantage of the unmatched quality of JPEG 2000 compression for high-quality low-delay video transmission over IP. Supported video signals include HD television, Stereoscopic 3D Left and Right video, or 2K video signals used in digital cinema production.


  • Compact, powerful and cost-effective products
  • Brings the inherent advantages of JPEG2000 over IP to the digital cinema industry, service providers and live event broadcasters
  • Efficient, affordable and scalable solution for best-in-class video transport over Metro Ethernet, IP-MPLS or SDH/SONET networks
  • Flawless end-to-end operation – mitigates effects of IP network impairments such as packet loss and jitter


  • Remote screening in post-production workflows, e.g. remote color grading
  • Real-time transport of Digital Cinema video formats over IP networks
  • Live event 3D contribution
  • Studio-to-studio media exchange
  • 2K live contribution to digital cinemas

Key Features

  • High quality JPEG 2000 video
  • Multiple compressed video channels
  • Robust transmission of HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and stereoscopic 3D Left/Right video signals
  • Very low delay
  • MXF encapsulation
  • Ancillary data support
  • Built-in features for Quality of Service (QoS) – Forward Error Correction and error concealment
  • User-friendly configuration and control


Nevion Fastbrowser

Adobe air applicaton to browse gui of cPorcessor, nSure and Video Gateway products. The fastbrowser will cache the gui files so that download of the gui files is only needed once. This will help out browsing units on slow IP links. If you have the Fastbrowser already installed you might have to de-install the older one version before installing the new version as it is not signed with a "trusted" certificate.

  nfb_2_0_1 ()

Nevion Detect

Software to detect and change IP address on units in the cProcessor, nSure and Video Gateway family.

  Nevion Detect 1.4.0 ()


These mibs apply for the cProcessor, nSure and Video Gateway products, except the new 4000 platform.

  mibs ()

TVG480 2.8.26

The TVG480 software release 2.8.26 brings a number of fixes and enhancements, see release notes for full details.

  tvg480_release_notes_2_8_26 (07/01/2015)


  TXP HTTP/XML protocol

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