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VideoIPath Inventory Network Resource Inventory

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VideoIPath provides inventory, backup, restore and software upgrade capabilities for efficient management of network resources. The system keeps an inventory of all detected networks resources, enabling users to browse or search for particular resources. The system supports auto-detection of available nodes and endpoints within the managed infrastructure.

VideoIPath facilitates scheduling of backup and restoration of configuration data. In case of catastrophic failure, VideoIPath supports restoration of configuration data when network resources are replaced by spare parts.

VideoIPath also centralizes and simplifies upgrades, making it possible to plan, schedule and upgrade multiple network elements at one time, for coordinated rollout of new firmware releases in the network. Operators can monitor the software upgrade process from a central console without any manual intervention at the network element level.

The inventory is fully searchable by the operator based on any field present in the inventory, device name, type, serial number, version, etc. All devices detected by the system are tracked based on serial number. Users may retrieve the history of a device, which includes any relocation or firmware upgrades performed on the device.

The inventory also supports virtualization of media functions by allowing the operator to change the functional or operational mode of a device, e.g. by changing from encoder to decoder or the type of codec used (JPEG2000 or linear).

The VideoIPath Inventory helps:

  • Keep track of network inventory and perform pre-planned upgrade of device firmware
  • More efficient use of network resources and keep consistent software versions and configuration of the network
  • Quickly recover configuration after catastrophic failure of network resources
  • Virtualize network resources by changing functional modes on-demand

Key Features

  • Complete inventory of all network resources auto-detected by the system
  • Track network resource changes based on serial number
  • Overview of all network resources including operational status through a dashboard
  • Plan and schedule upgrades of multiple network resources simultaneously
  • Backup and restore configuration of multiple network resources simultaneously
  • Automatic configuration restore to recover quickly from hardware failures

Document   VideoIPath Network Resource Inventory R1615

  • 24057 VIP-SW-NODE-A
    • VideoIPath level A node license (small size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24058 VIP-SW-NODE-B
    • VideoIPath level B node license (medium size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.
  • 24059 VIP-SW-NODE-C
    • VideoIPath level C node license (large size). License fee per node added to the system. See guidelines for classification of node types.

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