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XConnect Mobile app for VikinX and Flashlink control

The XConnect app is able to control VikinX Sublime broadcast routers and Flashlink cards. It uses TCP/IP based communication and Nevion MRP protocol to detect and control levels and salvos. In the settings section, you have to enter the IP address of the Sublime or Multicon controlling your devices. Default port number is 4381. Also make sure that you have a valid username and password. Please refer to product manuals for more information about each product.

Key Features

  • Perform VikinX router control directly from your iPhone or iPad
  • Activate salvos (pre-defined settings) for Flashlink cards
  • Supports connectivity to Multicon controller or direct connectivity to Sublime routers
  • Support for level routing and salvos
  • No special configuration needed – the app will access levels and salvos present in the system



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