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That’s it. It’s a wrap for 2016, and what a year it’s been! It’s been a time in which political surprises and celebrity deaths have made the headlines. But looking at it from Nevion’s and the broadcast industry’s perspective, it’s been just as interesting.

In many ways, 2016 has been the year in which IP has really taken center stage, after spending many years in the wings.

Nevion has had a bumper year in terms of IP projects, some of which we have officially announced. Our technology enabled Canadian nation broadcaster CBC to do the remote production of the summer games. It has enabled German production company PlazaMedia to transform the way they produce their popular sports chat show. Our IP contribution solution is now being used to provide coverage on one of the world’s leading football (soccer) leagues, including transport of an unprecedented 20 camera streams per stadium (sorry, we can’t say more at this stage!). Another IP contribution project enables a major operator to transport coverage of the same football league between Singapore and Australia.

Another influential project involving Nevion was the VRT-EBU LiveIP. This all-IP multivendor project, which started in 2016 as a simple one-camera experiment, ended being used for live production by VRT and being recognized by the industry through 5 major awards.

In terms of product development, Nevion launched the Nevion Virtuoso, a revolutionary new software-driven media node platform with a wide-ranging and field-upgradable functionality, including compression and decompression, transport protection, monitoring and signal processing. Together with Nevion’s management and orchestration VideoIPath (which also saw major enhancements to its functionality in 2016), Nevion Virtuoso will form the backbone to the delivery of Nevion’s vision of a converged WAN/LAN infrastructure supporting virtualization of live production.

And this brings us back to IP taking centre-stage in 2016. More specifically, this was the year IP finally came of age for live production in studios and campuses. The LiveIP project we previously mentioned demonstrated to a wide audience that multi-vendor, standards-based IP set-ups are now fully capable.

Also important is the emergence of standards. In December 2015, several leading lights in the industry, (including Nevion) founded the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) to further the use of open standard and interoperability in IP for broadcasters. By NAB 2016, the roadmap for standards endorsed by AIMS, including SMPTE 2022-6, TR-04, TR-03 and SMPTE 2110, was being supported by nearly all the leading vendors in the industry. By IBC 2016, it was clear that there was no viable alternative. The industry had rallied together to deliver the interoperability that broadcasters needed to leverage the benefits of IP.

So now, at the start of 2017, the industry is ready to embrace real IP in production, and Nevion is in an excellent position to capitalize on this. It’s sure to be another exciting year.

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