Industry barometer – “The future of broadcast”

The Future of Broadcast White Paper

At Nevion we have been enthusiastic supporters and promoters of IP for well over a decade. We delivered, with key partners such as telecom service provider BT, some of the earliest and, most recently, possibly the largest IP contribution networks in the world.

We have also been predicting the arrival of IP in the facilities for many years. Most recently, we have made the case for broadcasters consider making the switch to IP now.

Now it seems, the industry as a whole has joined us in promoting the idea of IP everywhere and IBC 2017 will be all about IP. Of course, we feel vindicated in our early support for the future of live broadcast production.

In the past 18 months, at Nevion, we have gone beyond “just IP”, and laid out a vision for where production is heading, with the end game of the virtualization process being what we have (possibly provocatively) called The Cloud of Real-TimeTM. Again, we feel confident that this vision will come about, thereby transforming not only broadcasters’ businesses, but also the industry as a whole including suppliers like Nevion.

But stepping back for now, are we all getting carried away in our enthusiasm for IP and virtualization? Is this all just hype?

Earlier this year, we thought it would be interesting to do an informal research into the views of people in the industry as to the state of adoption of IP, and the potential in the near future. .

The resulting document, entitled ‘The future of broadcast — paving the way to virtualized production’, accurately gauges the temperature of the industry by collating valuable insights and contributions from various industry experts, engineers and commentators within broadcast through Twitter.

This “barometer of the industry” report touches upon a number of other hot topics within the broadcast industry, including whether the future will be entirely focused around IP — both on the contribution and the production sides — and how far away we are from widespread virtualization.

Initially, we promoted this document through our social media channels only, but now we are making it available to all. To read the full report, head here.

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