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IP in broadcast studios, campuses and beyond

How can you create a reliable IP-based network in your studios and across campuses without having to scrap existing baseband investments or getting locked into a proprietary solution? Nevion has the answer!

Why work with Nevion

IP in the studios is new, and you need a trusted advisor to help you separate hype from reality. Nevion is uniquely positioned to help you because we have been delivering broadcast infrastructure networks since 1996 and IP media networks since 2006.  In 2015, we used this dual experience to create the first fully standards-based IP studio network in collaboration with Belgian brodacsters VRT and the EBU. Our solution is a building block towards Nevion’s vision of a virtualized live production.

What does the solution do?

  • Standards IP: no proprietary lock-in (Openflow, SMPTE 2022-6, etc)
  • Baseband compatible: connect baseband network and equipment seamlessly to the IP network
  • Easy management: ensuring that the migration to IP is transparent to those who need to manage the network.
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) for added control
  • High-reliability and protection
  • Nevion and  3rd party IP routers supported
  • Supports clean-switching on the IP layer, with any OpenFlow compliance IP routers
  • Familiar and proven architecture: the leaf-spine network architecture has been used successfully for many years in other industries and is conceptually very similar to the present baseband equivalent
  • Scalable: simply add routers to grow, with theoretically no limit to the size of the network.
  • Simple hand-over to other IP networks: any router in the network can forward the packets to any other connected network, even if the latter is not SDN based.
  • Extendible to remote locations: other locations are effectively extensions of the central studio/campus
Find out how Nevion's IP Media Core solution works

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How Nevion's solution can help your organization

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For broadcasters
  • Cost-effective, incremental transition, through co-existence between baseband and IP
  • Reduced upfront and on-going CAPEX investment, as the architecture is scalable and based on adding rather than replacing
  • Benefit from vendor choice and lower “IT” price-points for network equipment, thanks to compliance to standards
  • Greater flexibility in production by making contribution networks seemless extensions of studios and enablign virtualization

“A year after initiating the Live IP project, we can indeed see that, based on open standards, live production in a studio as well as on a remote location is a reality today. The complete crew accepted seamlessly to work on the new setup.  The benefits became very clear to everybody involved! This project proved as well that collaboration between different vendors can work perfectly with this new technology!”

– Project leader, LiveIP project

Case study

We make things happen

VRT and EBU LiveIP

See Belgian broadcaster VRT and the EBU has been workign with Nevion and other suppliers to build a fully IP live studio.

See the LiveIP video

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This whitepaper looks at how standards-based SDN technology can be used to create state-of-the-Art IP media networks, in the studios, campuses and between distant locations.

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