IP Media Production

Broadcast media production over IP

Are you considering implementing an IP infrastructure across the whole production environment to enable a much more agile and dynamic content creation, while realizing cost savings that come with a standards-based approach?
Nevion can deliver just this, and more!

Why work with Nevion

Implementing an IP based media production infrastructure is potentially a daunting task that requires confidence in the technology and those who deliver it. Nevion is uniquely positioned through over 20 years of delivery of solutions across broadcast and IP media networks.

With a track record of industry first, Nevion is always looking to the future: right now the future is not just IP, its virtualization – enabling the ultimate flexibility in live media production.

What do Nevion’s solutions do?

IP across the live-production value chain: IP in studios, campuses, contribution networks, enabling centralized, local and remote production

Standards-based: no proprietary lock-in (read about AIMS)

Baseband compatible: connect baseband network and equipment seamlessly to the IP network

Easy-to-use, self-service management: Unique Media Service Management and Orchestration software, VideoIPath, that puts users in control and ensuring that the migration to IP is transparent to those who need to manage the network.

Software Defined Network (SDN) for virtualization of the underlying infrastructure and optimal use of resources

Service Assurance: a broad set of IP transport protection mechanisms and end-to-end monitoring ensure Quality of Service and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compliance.

Consistent and scalable architecture: the IP network architecture is designed to blur the distinction between local and long-distance networks, controlled by the same system,VideoIPath.

Real-time, high quality, low latency media transport over IP for different bandwidth requirements: e.g. uncompressed, J2K and H.264/AVC

Simple hand-over to other IP networks: any router in the network can forward the packets to any other connected network, even if the latter is not SDN based.

Services from Nevion: Nevion services to help plan, build and maintain the IP media network

Enabling virtualization: read more about Nevion’s “Cloud of Real Time”

Find out how IP production transformed PAC-12’s business

How Nevion’s solution can help your organization

For broadcasters

Implementation of network solutions that are inherently designed to handle present and future broadcast formats, and will enable a smooth transition between them.


Enabling a progressive transition from baseband to IP, and allowing to tap into the much larger IT industry for non-broadcast-specific equipment (e.g routers).


Increased revenue through greater flexibility in production, putting users in control of the network needs and enabling the creation of more content more cost effectively.


Further potential CAPEX and OPEX savings, as well greater flexibility through the eventual implementation of Virtualized Media Production and Cloud Services.

Compliance to Standards

Nevion believes that compliance to industry standards and interoperability testing

are essential to guarantee the success of IP in media production.

Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS)

Nevion is a founding member of the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), which includes most of the leading vendors in the industry.

AIMS believes it is critical to follow a standards-based approach that outlines a clear roadmap that both meets the needs of implementations today and presents a clear path to greater functionality in the future. AIMS endorses an IP roadmap that includes standards and technical recommendations such as SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110, AES67, NMOS, etc.

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