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Your organization needs to be increasingly nimble and agile, so you need a real-time media transport, processing and monitoring solution that is highly versatile and adaptable.

Introducing Nevion Virtuoso, the standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node that can perform a variety of real-time functions in the converged IP LAN/WAN network.

With its functionality easily modified in the field through software, Virtuoso puts versatility at your fingertips – enabling you to achieve a faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness

A solution you can trust

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Built on experience

Virtuoso is the culmination of over 20 years of Nevion experience in the media and broadcasting industry, and 15 years delivering IP solutions. It embeds an unparalleled level of know-how, both in LAN and WAN environments.

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Proven in the field

Less than 18 months after Nevion launched Virtuoso, multiple 100s of units were already deployed in a variety of applications, including IP in the facilities, contribution, remote production and DTT. These have been used by leading organizations to cover high profile events such as the Olympics and the English Premier League.

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Backed by expertise

Behind Virtuoso is a whole organization, with experts in all the relevant fields (broadcasting, telecoms, baseband, IP and more), ready to help plan and deliver projects, as well as provide the required training and any support needed.

Suitable for any situation

Nevion Virtuoso

Virtualized media functions

Virtuoso is designed to support media function virtualization, whereby its functionality is provided by software that can be changed in the field to meet evolving requirements.  Media Functions typically run on Media Accelerators that provide the high performance expected for demanding applications.

LAN/WAN convergent

Virtuoso has been conceived to take advantage of the LAN/WAN convergence (read about it here) opportunities presented by IP, so is able to perform signal transport and processing functions in real-time in any environment (e.g. broadcast facilities, contribution, remote production). 

Highly scalable

Virtuoso is synonymous with high-density. For example, a single 1RU unit can transport 16 bi-directional uncompressed HD-SDI channels over IP (SMPTE 2022-6), encode/decode 16 JPEG 2000 video signals, or process 100s of audio signals for embedding/de-embedding – among others.

Easy to manage

Centrally managing Nevion Virtuosos in the field could not be simpler – thanks to Nevion’s VideoIPath orchestration and SDN management software.

Read about VideoIPath here


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Setting-up Media Functions

With VideoIPath, it is easy to manage the Media Functions on multiple appliances, changing the configuration of the software, or updating it to make use of the latest functionality – all this in a planned and organized way.

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Routing signals

VideoIPath can route signals to and from media functions on any Virtuoso in the media network. This enables infrastructure virtualization, whereby the functionality of an appliance can be shared for multiple applications.

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VideoIPath can collect the monitoring data from all the Virtuoso appliances in the media network, aggregate it together with other elements and present meaningful information about the status of the network and services.

Case studies

We make things happen

TV 2

TV 2, the largest commercial television broadcaster in Norway, selected Nevion to provide the IP-based software defined network (SDN) solution that connects studios, control rooms and data-centers within and between the broadcaster’s two main production facilities. The solution enables the broadcaster to make better use of production talent, equipment and locations.

Watch the video

Following the acquisition of three channels-in-a-box servers for OTT programs, German broadcaster RTL II decided that all the routing in the new environment should be exclusively IP-based, using SMPTE 2022-6/7. All new devices also need to be free of traditional SDI-BNC connections. For this RTL II selected Virtuoso.

Read the press release

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Virtuoso LAN/WAN

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