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HD/SD-SDI Monitor

TNS460 HD/SD-SDI Monitor answers the need of broadcasters and network operators to ensure the delivery of high quality video signals throughout the value chain. It provides central head-end input monitoring and is ideal for monitoring at handover points where signals may be delivered from one party to another. The TNS460 provides the data to monitor SLA adherence and also offers stand-alone monitoring for temporary contribution links such as services delivered for a one-off sporting event. The TNS460 is compact and cost-effective, real-time monitoring of four SDI signals offering monitoring of video format information, uncompressed audio bitrates and number of channels. It features a thumbnail view of the video being transmitted. Templates help the operator to set pre-defined parameters for monitoring that can be scheduled to be active at different times of the day.

TNS460 SD/HD SDI Monitor functional diagram
  • Ensures the delivery of high quality video signals throughout the value chain
  • Enables operators to monitor their network, detect errors and take corrective actions before their viewers experience problems
  • Cost-effective solution for monitoring at hand-over points in a network
  • Enables fast fault-detection and diagnostics
  • Central head-end input monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of signals
  • Monitoring of signals at hand-over points
  • 24/7 continuous supervision of signals
  • Stand-alone monitoring
Key Features:
  • Real-time monitoring of four SDI signals (HD/SD)
  • Video format information
  • SDI continuity check and checksum error (EDH/CRC)
  • Freeze and Black frame detection
  • Audio and ancillary data monitoring
  • Advanced monitoring for extended analysis and error detection
  • Template monitoring
  • Thumbnail view
  • User-friendly configuration and control