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Broadcast remote production

Do you want to reduce the cost of producing on-location content? Maybe you are seeking ways to make smaller events, like minor sports, cost-effective to cover?

Nevion’s IP and fiber remote production solutions can help!

Why work with Nevion

Event coverage is all about balancing quality and costs – Nevion understands that. We have enabled broadcasters across the world to cover profitably anything from major set pieces like the FIFA World Cup and Award Ceremonies, to smaller events like college sports. In each case, Nevion’s technology has helped keep the amount of equipment and talent sent on location to a minimum, by enabling some or most of the production to take place remotely, from a central location.

Best of all, Nevion can make it possible for you to move to an all IP and virtualized remote production environment incrementally.

What does the solution do?

  • Extends studio connections to remote locations seemlessly: combination of studio and contribution solutions, with a consistent management (Nevion’s VideoIPath)
  • Any signal: handles video, audio, intercom, data and synchronization signals
  • IP, dark-fiber and hybrid: solutions foran all-IP environment, baseband over IP, baseband over dark-fiber, and IP over dark-fiber
  • Uncompressed or compressed video: adapts to bandwidth constraints
  • Reliable transport: transports signals between remote locations and the central facility securely and with low latency
  • Protection: supports redundancy of long haul links
  • Easy-of-use: maintains workflow and management as if in a local studio
  • Any event: suitable for both high-end major events (e.g. Olympics, top-tier football) involving many cameras and staff, to ad-hoc productions (e.g. vox-pop or even minor sports) with one or two staff on site, some fixed cameras
  • Ready for all IP and virtualized production: Nevion’s remote solutions are a stepping stone towards the Cloud of Real-Time vision of Nevion (read more)
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How Nevion's solution can help your organization

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For broadcasters
  • Cost savings as a fewer people and less, more lightweight and comparatively cheaper equipment need to be sent on-site
  • New revenue potential as it becomes logistically and economically possible to cover more events, or minority appeal events
  • More compelling content for viewers and advertisers as more clean-feeds mean better and more relevant production

What our customers say

“We trusted Nevion would provide a remote production solution that worked for our needs. But we were surprised at how small the hardware form factors were and how easily the system components integrated. It was very easy to deploy.”

System Expert at VRT

Case studies

We make things happen

VRT (Belgium)

France Televisions Case Study .indd

Find out how Nevion helped the Belgium broadcaster enliven the FIFA World Cup 2014 coverage with resource-saving remote production (baseband over fiber).

Download the case
PAC-12 (USA)

France Televisions Case Study .indd

See PAC-12 explain how moving to IP-enabled remote production (with compressed video transport) created extra flexibility and saved costs.

See their video
VRT and EBU LiveIP Project

France Televisions Case Study .indd

Find out how find Nevion enabled the LiveIP project to produce a concert remotely, using a full IP infrastructure (IP over fiber).

Go to LiveIP project page

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Remote Production Solution Paper

Find out more details about Nevion’s remote production solution.

Download PDF ↓
4K UHD Remote Production with J2K Solution Paper

Find out how to implement the low latency Nevion Virtuoso to transport multiple HD and 4K UHD camera feeds, as well as return feeds over IP link.

Download PDF ↓

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