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Nevion services are here to help you!

NevCare Services

You want the peace of mind that comes from getting help and support from experienced professionals, before, during and after your deployment?

Nevion’s NevCare is your answer!

Professional Services

You want expert help planning, implementing, maintaining and optimizing your deployment of Nevion or 3rd party products.

Customer Training

You want to learn about your Nevion products (hardware and software) or subjects like IP media networks.

Customer Care

You want to make sure you get the best support for your deployment at all times.

Why Nevion

Your media network is mission critical, so only the best will do. Nevion’s global professional services and support staff have years of experience, working with some of the largest and most innovative broadcasters and service providers in the world.

Professional Services

Successful deployment depends on having the right people to help.

We have assembled a top team of professionals and developed a methodology and tools to help and guide you throughout the life-cycle of your Nevion products and solutions, from initial deployment to on-going maintenance and upgrades..

Project management

We can run or support your delivery project throughout the design, implementation, testing and in-production phases.

System implementation

We can pre-configure your equipment before shipping, and provide remote assistance with configuring and setting-up new or existing as well as on-site commissioning to verify that the system works as intended.



It’s no secret that knowledge is key to successful media network deployments. 

Nevion can provide technical training on a wide range of technologies and products.


Courses may be provided at one of Nevion’s main offices or at your own premises with your own set-up.


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Get the level of support that is right for you, to ensure your solutions are always running in the optimum way.

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Support and SLA offering

Nevion’s NevCare operates a 24×7 SLA service staffed by geographically distributed technical support engineers who provide multi-level technical support, case management and issue resolution. Our engineers provide advice on technical matters and issues arising in mission-critical operations.

Maintenance offering

Nevion’s VideoIPath and Virtuoso offer functionality based on software, which is constantly being extended and expanded. Updates for these products are regularly issued, enhancing the capabilities of these products. Nevion’s maintenance offering ensures our customers benefit from these enhancements.