IP in studios, campuses and beyond

How to create a reliable IP-based network in studios and across campuses.

Create a reliable IP-based network

How can you create a reliable IP-based network in your studios and across campuses without having to scrap existing baseband investments or getting locked into a proprietary solution?

Nevion has the answer!

Why work with us?

When it comes to IP in the facilities, and you need a trusted advisor to help you separate hype from reality, and provide you an incremental path to an all IP distributed production world.

IP pioneers and experts

Nevion has been delivering broadcast infrastructure networks since 1996 and IP media networks since 2006, including the world’s first fully standards-based multi-vendor IP studio network, and the world’s first, multi-site IP production facility network.

Freedom of choice

Nevion is vendor-neutral, and actively involved in defining, implement, test, and promote industry standards. This provides a freedom of choice for customers 

Part of Networked Live

Nevion’s solutions are a key component of Sony’s Networked Live, an ecosystem of  solutions, products, services and partners that combines hybrid ground and Cloud processing with network connectivity to transform the logistics and economics of live production

What do Nevion’s solutions do?

  • Open IP standards: with no proprietary lock-in
  • Software upgradable to future standards
  • Baseband compatible: connects baseband network and equipment seamlessly to the IP network (SDI to/from IP)
  • Hides complexity: ensures that the migration to IP is transparent to those who need to manage the network.
  • Familiar control surfaces: compatible with existing control panels, as well as modern software-based interfaces.
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) for guaranteed delivery of service.
  • High-reliability and protection, both on the control layer and the data plane
  • Secure, with management layer controlling access to valuable resources and content
  • Nevion and 3rd party IP routers supported
  • Supports clean-switching
  • Proven and scalable network and resource architecture: supports spine/leaf and other common architectures used both in LAN and WAN networks.
  • Extensible to remote locations: other locations are effectively extensions of the central studio/campus.
  • Services: before, during and after the implementation, including design and architecting, to ensure you get the right solution, first time!

How Nevion’s solution can help your organization

For broadcasters

Reduced risk through proven technology and expert support


Reduced upfront and on-going costs, though, incremental transition, with a co-existence of baseband and IP


CAPEX investment, as the architecture is scalable and based on adding rather than replacing


Benefit from vendor choice and lower “IT” price-points for network equipment, thanks to compliance to standards


Greater flexibility in production by making contribution networks seamless extensions of studios and enabling virtualization

What our customers say

“Nevion’s wealth of IP experience gained in contribution combined with their leading role in shaping IP standards and architectures for the facilities were key in our decision to opt for Nevion’s products and services”

– Lead Systems Architect, TV 2 (Norway)

Case Studies

We make things happen


Studio network orchestration (SDN)

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A standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node for signal transport and processing.

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VikinX eMerge routers

Standard IP routers

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IP Contribution Solution

Connecting studios and other remote locations

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Our Services

Find out how Nevion services can help you design, plan and deploy a state-of-the-Art IP network in your studios and campuses.

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