ST 2110 WAN Update

Andy Rayner gives a progress update for the ST 2110 WAN Activity Group of the VSF

Andy Rayner, Chief Technologist of Nevion and Chair of the WAN IP Activity Group at VSF, hosted a webinar on August 14, 2020. In this recorded session Andy provides an update on the current direction of the SMPTE ST 2110 over WAN technology, including:

  • A history of ST2110-WAN’s work
  • The conclusions to date
  • The outstanding work and anticipated outcomes
  • An overview of the requirement for essence-based long haul transport

ST 2110 is the widely-deployed IP protocol standard for sending high-quality, uncompressed video, audio and related data signals. Broadcasters around the globe are migrating to this standard to enable workflows that support 4K/UHD1, 8K/UHD2 and video signals that support HDR (High Dynamic Range), WCD (Wide Color Gamut) and HFR (High Frame Rate)attributes.

As ST 2110 takes off for use in studio facilities there is an emerging requirement to long-haul these IP flows over Wide Area Networks. In doing this, there are issues that arise that will not be present in the Studio/Campus environment that need to be addressed in a common manner to allow seamless operation of multi-campus environments.

These include (but are not limited to) the following: Flow protection, Flow trunking, Essence alignment, Low latency handling, Format conversion, Compression, Protection of other data flows, Security, PTP trunking, Wan timing & associated control (NMOS) filtering and border proxying.

This webinar provides an update on the progress of the WAN IP AG and discusses some of the ongoing and new work that is underway.

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