Collaborative post-production

Helping Hollywood studios and production companies with real-time collaborative post-production

Collaborative post-production made easy

You are shooting a movie to a tight schedule and you need directors, colorists, special effects specialists or others to contribute to the production, even though they are not on-site?

Nevion’s solutions makes it easy for people to collaborate in real-time wherever they are located!

Why pick with Nevion?

Nevion is an Emmy-winning company specializing in the real-time transport of high-quality video and audio. Nevion has been working with Hollywood studios and production companies for over a decade, helping them with the production of some of the highest grossing movies in history.

For many in the industry, the remote movie production process is known as a “T-VIPS session” – named after the company that has been part of Nevion since 2013.

What does the solution do?

  • Share content in real-time for collaborative workflows in post-production – across any distance
  • Transport video and audio over IP, in real-time, and with low latency and built-in network resilience and protection
  • Experience color accurate, visually lossless and standards-based JPEG 20000 compression – like in digital cinema
  • Work with a wide-range of formats: 2K, 4K, HDR and stereoscopic 3D production formats – at 4:2:2 10-bit and 4:4:4 12-bit
  • Connect people with ease, with Nevion’s orchestration system, VideoIPath

Remote directing

Remote color grading

Remote reviews

How Nevion’s solution can

help your production?

Reducing costs

Reduced travel costs by allowing directors, color graders and other production specialists to contribute remotely

Finding the best professionals

Faster, better access to the very best professionals for movie production

Multi-tasking and time saving

More efficient use of professionals’ time – can work on multiple projects

“The Virtuoso media node appeals to us in that it can easily be programmed during a session for our 2K, 4K/UHD and stereoscopic needs with just a few clicks of the mouse”

Media Systems Engineer, Digital Domain

and solutions


A standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node for signal transport and processing.

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Orchestration software to establish and manage connections easily between locations

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