Nevion Vision

Making real-time content creation boundary-free

Journey to Virtualized Media Production

Through the Cloud of Real-Time™

Nevion is using IP, IT and Virtualization technology to create a world where media, equipment and functionality can be shared in real-time by people collaborating to create compelling content – wherever they are located

Why does this matter?

By virtualizating mission critical connectivity, Nevion is transforming the process and economics of real-time content creation.

Higher productivity

Transformed workflows with better collaboration

Better use of resources

Shared equipment, facilities and staff across locations

Transforming business with the Cloud of Real-Time™

Real-time media production functionality is steadily moving to the Cloud – both private (on and off-premise) or public. We call this emerging cloud-based ecosystem the “Cloud of Real-Time”.

This new eco-system is enabled by IP in both local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), and virtualization technologies

IP LAN/WAN convergence

IP technology is now being used in both local area networks (LAN) for facilities and wide area networks (WAN) for long distance transport. This convergence makes it easier to provide seamless connectivity within and across locations.


Media production equipment is moving away from specialist hardware towards for more flexible software (media function virtualization), while infrastructure and equipment which was once dedicated are now being shared (infrastructure virtualization) 

This is a transformation journey

Organizations are undertaking a transformational journey that requires the very best solutions, products and people

Nevion’s experience and expertise

When it comes to transformational projects, people are the key to success. Nevion has been delivering IP solutions since the early 2000s and developed its Cloud of Realtime in the early 2010s. This experience and expertise is embedded in the products we develop and the solutions we deliver.

We aim to become our customers’ most trusted partner for their business transformation.

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Find out more

Nevion has produced a whitepaper called “The Road to COTS and the Cloud for real-time broadcast production”, which examines the status of COTS and Cloud delivery for real-time transport, processing and monitoring, and considers current limitations and how they might be overcome.

Download the whitepaper