The Cloud of Real-Time

Shaping a new freedom

Nevion’s vision is a world where people have the freedom to create and deliver professional quality content in real-time without limitations. People, applications and equipment will no longer need to be located in a particular place to contribute to the creative process because the content, applications and equipment can be shared live between all those who need to collaborate.

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Breaking down barriers

Nevion has been at the forefront of innovation in real-time media transport for over 20 years, breaking down the technological, geographical or other costly barriers to creating and delivering content.

Virtualized Media Production

Nevion is now architecting the next generation of live-production infrastructure, the Cloud of Real-Time. We are doing this by adapting technology (IP, IT, SDN) widely used by other industries, to enable organizations to produce more content in real-time, with optimal use of resources and without being locked into proprietary technology.

Visualization Orchestrator Web Image
Virtualization Orchestrator

What is it?

Virtualization requires the the media network to be software defined, so that infrastructure resources (in the broadest sense) can be managed easily and dynamically.

What is Nevion doing?

Nevion’s VideoIPath is a Virtualization Orchestrator that enables the scheduling and allocation of available media processing and transport resources automatically when needed.

Why does it matter?

The Virtualization Orchestrator puts users in firmly control of their network, providing the means to connect equipment and people together. Substantial cost savings can be realized by allocating equipment and network capacity only when needed. The Virtualization Orchestrator is also a cornerstone of the virtualization process.

Media Functions Virtualization Web Image
Virtualized Media Functions

What is it?

The trend for media equipment is towards packing more and more functionality via software, and for the control to be decoupled from the hardware.

What is Nevion doing?

Nevion has developed the concept of media nodes, or hardware platforms whose capabilities can be modified and enhanced through the addition of software applications (e.g. encoding or protection methods), delivered and installed by the Virtualization Orchestrator (Nevion’s VideoIPath).  Over time, the software could be moved to a generic IT platform (computer) and even the Cloud.

Why does it matter?

Software-based Media Function Virtualization (MFV) brings savings through reduced hardware replacements, lower space usage, as well as lower cost of training, maintenance and management.

Infrastructure Virtualization Web Image
Virtualized Infrastructure

What is it?

A lot of media transport and signal processing functionality can be pooled and shared between locations, rather than provided locally through multiple instances of equipment.

What is Nevion doing?

The Virtualization Orchestrator, Nevion’s VideoIPath, provides the means to create the connections from any location to the virtualized, pooled equipment, on demand. Furthermore, new equipment can be auto-discovered when added to the network and made available as a resource through the Virtualization Orchestrator.

Why does it matter?

Infrastructure Virtualization makes resources available from anywhere, anytime, providing cost savings by reducing the amount of equipment that is needed. It also plays an important role in the transition from baseband to IP, as some baseband processing can be virtualized.

The Cloud of Realtime Web Image
Leading to the Cloud of Real-Time

Put all the virtualization together and you have a solution, with…

  • Standardized baseband, SDN, IP and IT technology, allowing the use of multi-vendor equipment and technologies
  • Virtualization Orchestrator, providing the freedom to orchestrate the best suited workflow and technology for media production
  • Virtualized Media Functions, enabling the evolution of functional capabilities without replacing hardware
  • Virtualized Infrastructure, making resources available from anywhere, anytime

… creating a Virtualized Media Production that makes media production dynamic and agile.