Space launches

Solutions to transmit mission-critical launch video, audio and data in real time, with ultra low latency

Why work with Nevion

Nevion has over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative and award winning off-the-shelf industry leading media transport and management products. Nevion has been a leading proponent on IP, delivering the first long distance IP professional quality video networks in 2006, and helping organisations, including government agencies manage the transition to IP smoothly and incrementally.

Space Launches

Are you looking for solutions to transmit mission-critical launch video, audio and data in real time, with ultra low latency – so that key decisions, including command and destruct, can be taken with confidence?
Nevion has just the technology for you!

What do Nevion’s solutions do?

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Real-time lossless video over fiber, J2K for low latency IP distribution over LAN/WAN

Signal Distribution amplification

Distributed routing and signal conversion over fiber eliminating the need for large routers

Simplified EO/OE migration and conversion with signal format conversion

Embedding and transmission of metadata within Vertical Ancillary Space (VANC)

End to end management of video services over planning, provisioning and scheduling of video services

Network and video services under a unified platform for collaboration and control of network and launch control operations

How Nevion’s solution can help your organization

For Goverment Agencies

For Goverment Agencies

Rapid operational deployment thanks to the easy-to-use, small form-factor solutions Ultra low latency so you can take the right decisions at the right time Outstanding reliability, even in the most demanding environment

Optical transport solutions

Nevion’s optical transport solutions can transport any video, audio and data over short and long distances.

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Media gateways

Transport over IP uncompressed or compressed with JPEG 2000 or H.264.

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Our Services

Find out how Nevion services can help you design, plan and deploy a reliable space launch solution to suit your requirements.

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