Optical transport solution and equipment

Transport your video, audio, data, intercom, Ethernet and sync signals cost-effectively over optical fibers

Optical Transport

Do you want to transport your video, audio, data, intercom, Ethernet and sync signals cost-effectively over optical fibers? Do you have too many signals and too few fibers to carry them? Maybe you want to do remote production over your fiber network?
Find out why Nevion is the go-to company for optical transport for hundreds of organizations across the world!

Why work with Nevion

Nevion has been leading the field in optical transport for years, and its multi-award-winning Flashlink range of products has become the synonymous with flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

What does the
solution do?

  • Optical transport: real-time media transport of video, audio, data, intercom, Ethernet and sync signals over fiber
  • Bi-directional
  • Close to zero latency
  • Short and long distances: suitable for use in studios, outside broadcast or contribution (even distances over 100km)
  • High density: up to 240 HD-SDI signals over a single fiber
  • Multiplexing: supports electrical multiplexing prior to optical conversion, and both WDM and DWDM optical multiplexing
  • Media conversion: Wide range of media converters from single channel electrical to optical converter for video or Ethernet signals, to 36-channel compact 1RU converter unit
  • Redundancy: optical switching and splitting to create redundant paths
  • Low power consumption
  • Choice of enclosures

How Nevion’s solution can help your organization

For broadcasters

For broadcasters

Greater flexibility and cost-savings in production thanks to the compact form, the modularity and the ability to handle both short and long distance transport Savings through high-fiber utilization enabling reduced resource requirements Lower OPEX because of the ease-of-use, ease-of-maintenance and unparallelled reliability

What our customers say

“Flashlink was the winning solution for this project due to its cost efficiency, density and its compact size. The small footprint of the Flashlink Compact fiber interfaces is significant because of limited rack space at one location.”

Solution architect, Playout Systems at ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion (Germany)

“It’s always a challenge transporting data with a high bit rate over long distances, but it’s something Nevion does very well. Furthermore, Nevion understands the specific requirements of broadcasting.”

YLE (Finnish National Broadcaster)

Case Studies

We make things happen

YLE (Finland)

YLE (Finland)

Read how Nevion helped the Finnish national boradcaster transport data, video and audio at 10Gbps over 200 kilometers over existing fiber infrastructure.

VRT (Belgium)

VRT (Belgium)

Find out how Nevion helped the Belgium broadcaster enliven the FIFA World Cup 2014 coverage with resource-saving remote production.

Remote production solution

Enabling production to take place remotely, from a central location

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Flashlink optical solutions paper

Find out more details about Nevion’s opitcal transport solution.

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