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Seamless TS Monitoring Switch

The TNS541 enables intelligent 1+1 redundancy switch-over between two MPEG-2 transport streams. With dual power supply and seamless switching the TNS541 improves the reliability and robustness of your system. Our seamless switch solution continuously monitors both incoming MPEG-2 transport streams for status and switches over automatically if required, based upon customer configurable criteria.

TNS541 Seamless TS Monitoring switch functional diagram
  • The TNS541 safeguards the delivery of high-quality video content, by providing 24/7 monitoring, advanced analysis and redundancy switching.
  • TNS541 is control system independent and operates as a stand-alone monitoring switch with an easy-to-use WEB interface for access and control.
  • The product monitors both incoming MPEG-2 transport streams for health status and switch-over is be based on configurable switching criteria.
  • All systems requiring intelligent 1+1 switch-over between two MPEG-2 transport streams.
  • Seamless switching in SFN and DVB-T2 networks
Key Features:
  • Intelligent seamless switch-over between two input signals
  • Flexible switching behavior
  • User configurable switching criteria
  • Transport Stream monitoring and error detection
  • Seamless SFN and DVB-T2 redundancy switching
  • Dual power supply
  • Relay protected main output ensures signal through even in the event of power loss or power supply failure
  • Compact and cost-effective solution with up to two switch modules in 1RU 19”
  • User-friendly configuration and control