CCMA (Spain) – moving from SDI to IP in the facilities

Solution is based on Sony and Nevion’s Networked Live offering

How to increases live production efficiency

The challenge

Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (Catalonian Corporation of Audiovisual Media), known as CCMA, is the public radio and television corporation for the autonomous Calalonian region of Spain. It was founded in 1983, and has its HQ in the city of Sant Joan Despí near Barcelona. It offers 7 TV channels and 4 radio channels in the Catalonian language.

CCMA was looking to upgrade their production facilities from SDI to IP – incrementally. The initial project focused on the 324 news channel, i.e. one studio and one control room. This project is however just the start of the move to an eventual all-IP infrastructure.

The Outcome

CCMA now has a modern infrastructure that can evolve more readily to support new broadcast technology. They also have a better integration with their audio infrastructure and their NDI network.

Importantly, the change to the underlying infrastructure is transparent for the production staff avoiding disruption to production and expensive retraining. In particular, they kept the same control surfaces.