SURVEY: Live broadcasts unite generations in shared viewing experiences

Nevion commissioned independent research house Vitreous World to poll TV viewers in several countries on the way they consume live content and their current priorities, revealing the importance of viewing shows and programming in real time and as they unfold.

The research explores how live events are being consumed, whether there is still a community aspect of viewing live events and how this is changing due to the increasing cost of TV subscriptions, the growth of social media and the development of other technologies. Consumers polled include those from the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Nordics to gain a diverse set of perspectives.

Find out about the main research findings here.

Download the Nevion Consumer Research

The Nevion consumer survey “Thriving together: Live broadcasts unite generations in shared viewing experiences” can be downloaded for free, by providing contact details in the form below.

Whitepaper: Nevion Consumer Research 2024
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