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Nevion Viewer Application user interface application

Categories: Product Family: cProcessor, nSure, Video Gateways Functionality: Element management and control

The Nevion Viewer provides a safe and secure way to access the familiar graphical user interface on Virtuoso FA, nSure, cProcessor and Video Gateway products. These user interfaces were based on Adobe Flash, which is no longer supported in web browsers from end of 2020.

The Nevion Viewer is an AIR application that allows users to access the device user interface remotely, from any Windows or Mac computer. Nevion Viewer can also be run from a stand-alone folder on Windows computers. The application is digitally signed by Nevion and the latest bug fixes and security updates are continuously incorporated into every release.

To download the Nevion Viewer, fill in the form below, and you will receive download instructions by e-mail. You may also contact Nevion support and ask directly.

Key Features

  • Provides access to devices easily and securely from Windows and Mac computers.
  • Enables monitoring and configuration with a familiar user interface.
  • Secure application distributed by Nevion.

Supported products

  • Virtuoso FA/MI
  • cProcessor CP4400/505/515/524/525/560
  • nSure TNS4200/460/541/544/546/547
  • Video Gateways NX4600 and TVG420/425/450/480

Document   Nevion_Viewer_R2008

Nevion Viewer 3.1.0

The Nevion Viewer is an AIR application that allows users to access user interfaces of nSure, cProcessor, Video Gateway and Virtuoso FA remotely, from any Windows or Mac computer. In order to download Nevion Viewer, send a request to Nevion support.

Document   Nevion-Viewer-release-notes-3.1.0 r1 (04/12/2020)

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