Pre-NAB 2016 exclusive customer event: The future of broadcasting is starting now!

Find out how IP is set to revolutionize broadcasting by enabling virtualization of media production!

Featuring a special guest speaker:
Michel DeWolf of the VRT and EBU’s LiveIP project

Join us at the Hard Rock café in Vegas (3771 S Las Vegas Blvd #120), Sunday the April 17th, from 2pm.

As the industry moves towards IP in Media production, every broadcaster and service provider inevitably wants to implement the best solutions for their business now and the future, and make the transition smooth, incremental and cost effective.

We would like to invite you to our exclusive “20 Years of Innovation” event, where you can hear about the latest thinking and developments in IP-based production. Find out in particular how IP is blurring the distinction between studio and contribution, thanks to a consistent network architecture and management; also discover our vision for the future of live broadcast – virtualized media production.

Featuring Nevion and guest speakers, this event will address questions such as:

  • What is virtualization and why does it matter?
  • What is the optimum network architecture to support this?
  • How ready are broadcasters to adopt IP and virtualization?
  • When will the transformation happen?
  • How does baseband technology fit into this picture?
  • What does this mean for your business?

 The session will close with an informal 20 year ‘birthday party’ to mark our two decades of success in the industry.

As well as hearing about the transformation of broadcast production, you will also have a chance to interact with your industry peers in the region and meet our own highly experienced team.

About the LiveIP Project and Michel De Wolf

The LiveIP Project (http://sandbox.vrt.be/liveip/) is a collaboration between the Belgium national broadcaster VRT, the EBU and a group of innovative Broadcast Technology partners. The objective is to build and operate a Live TV production studio with state of the art IP-based and IT-centric hardware and software.
Michel De Wolf is the former CTO for EVS, having joined the company in 2008 when it acquired DWESAB a company he founded in 1987 and focusing on automotive, industrial control systems and broadcast solutions. Having become convinced that IP was mature enough for use in studios and beyond, he approached VRT and the EBU and set-up with them the LiveIP project in 2015.

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