Meet the architects!

Ultimately, it’s about trust, and trust is about people.

As an industry, we tend to obsess about technology, products, and features

This has served us well over the years, but as we move from baseband to IP and on to virtualization, things are changing. Broadcasters and service providers now need transformative solutions more than just products.

Solutions mean advice, help, support, and even a partnership with suppliers.

Ultimately, it’s about trust, and trust is about people.

Of course, solutions also include products, but products are changing too. They are no longer just hardware with defined and perpetually fixed functionality – they are software-based and will evolve. Broadcasters and service providers need to be sure these products will deliver not just their “now”, but also their future!

Just ask yourself the following questions… When you are looking for inspiration about the future of broadcasting, who do you turn to?  When you want help to create a solution for your business needs, who do you rely on?  When you need a product that will evolve with you, who do you trust? When you have a problem, who you do you contact?

People, not product features, are what count the most in the complex environment our industry is experiencing now. And that’s why Nevion has decided to put people center stage.

At the start of 2016, we launched our new vision of being “architects of virtualized media production”. Since then, we have talked a lot about virtualization in media production. We have evolved our products to deliver on that vision.

Now it’s time to focus on what it means to be “architects

We chose the word architects, not just because of its connotation in high-tech (think “solutions architects”), but also because architects (those who design buildings) have a unique blend of skills that apply to us at Nevion: they are pioneers (re-imagining the future), creators (of engineering excellence) but also guides (to achieving business needs with the right solutions) and experts (on hand to support their customers all the way).

And so are we

At Nevion, we have assembled an outstanding group of people, who really enjoy working with each other, and helping customers and partners achieve their potential. There is a great atmosphere in the company, and a real sense of direction and common goals.

Our people come from very diverse backgrounds, geographically and professionally. We have people from across the globe. We have hardware and software people. We have people who have worked in broadcast, telecoms, IT and other industries. Every individual brings something different to the company – alternative experiences and perspectives that feed into what we do.

We are engaged with our industry also. We are active members of bodies such as AIMS, SMPTE, VSF, AMWA, DVB and much more. We work with the biggest switch manufacturers in the world, including Arista, Cisco and Mellanox.

We are also building out our services organization even more, to support our customers on the journey to IP and Virtualization.

Our focus really is about making our customers and partners successful.

Recently, we came across a sentence on the website of a cabinet of architects (Snøhetta) that we rather like: “our projects are examples of attitudes rather than designs”. That could have been written for us.