Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solution

Mission critial media transport

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Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

Is real-time and lossless delivery of video, telemetry and data critical to your missions’ success? Do you need media solutions that can be relied upon to deliver everytime, without fail? Nevion has the answers

Why work with Nevion

Fully authorized to operate on Navy, Army and Air Force Networks, Nevion has over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative and award winning media transport technology. Nevion solutions have proven to be a sucess in some of the most challenging and demanding environments.

What do Nevion's solutions do?

  • Suitable for any platform, including lighter-than-air, aerial and submerged platorms
  • Video, telemetry, and data over fiber
  • Signal processing, conversion and distribution
  • Supporting consolidation for FORJ (Fiber Optic Rotary Joint) applications
  • Lightweight, low latency JPEG 2000 (J2K) compression for LVMI (Large Volume Motion Imagery) giving you near lossless video transport over IP/Fiber for real-time data analysis
  • Low size, weight and power requirements

How Nevion's solution can help your organization

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For Goverment Agencies
  • Ability to respond rapidly to evolving needs thanks to the versatile and easy to use nature of the solution
  • Cost effective way to create a common fiber infrastructure supporting legacy, current and test bed/future sensors in your mission systems

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