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FCS1000-Plus In-service Monitoring System

The FCS1000-PLUS platform is a compact, high-density video in-service monitoring solution that includes support for video-over-IP monitoring. With full monitoring of integrity, presence and activity on each channel, the platform allows users to pinpoint quality of service issues along the transport path and proactively correct problems before they affect services — a complete solution for monitoring the entire video transport infrastructure.

Deployed by service providers and broadcasters worldwide, the FCS1000-PLUS is ideal for central, non-intrusive monitoring of a large number of DVB-ASI, HD/SD-SDI and video-over-IP traffic.


  • Central head-end monitoring for service providers
  • IPTV head-end monitoring
  • Monitoring of signals in the active transmission path
  • 24/7 continuous supervision of signals
  • SLA monitoring (up time statistics)

Key Features

  • Automated SLA compliance monitoring for contribution and distribution video networks
  • Built-in Web interface for local monitoring and configuration with SNMP and XML for remote access and reporting
  • Check DVB-ASI signals according to ETR 290, SD-SDI signals according to SMPTE-259 (EDH) and HD-SDI signals according to SMPTE-292
  • Wire-speed monitoring of video-over-IP traffic at the Ethernet, IP, UDP and RTP layers
  • Monitoring of high video-over-IP traffic of different transport formats without the risk of signal interruption


FCS1000-Plus 4.0.0

The FCS1000 software release 4.0.0 brings a number of fixes and enhancements, see release notes for full

  fcs1000plus4.0.0 ()

  FCS1000 PLUS

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