Working at Nevion – Q&A with Olaf Krause

Meet Olaf Krause, Project Manager at Nevion

We recently caught up with Olaf Krause, Project Manager at Nevion. Read on to hear from Olaf on how the business helped him change role to one better suited to his skills, why the three Cs of communication, cooperation and customer satisfaction define his responsibilities, and his pride at being involved in a broadcasting project for Italian football.

What attracted you to join Nevion as part of your career journey and what is your role there now?

I’d heard many good things about Nevion from my colleagues in the industry, particularly about the working culture, its people and its reputation in the broadcast market. It almost sounded too good to be true! But my curiosity got the better of me, so I applied when a vacancy became available. Turns out that my now-colleagues were right, and I’ve since been part of this great company for almost two years. My current role is Project Manager, and I’m responsible for the successful delivery of our products to customers in Europe.

How has your role progressed whilst you’ve been at Nevion?

When I first started at Nevion, I was a Technical Implementation Engineer. After a few months, my line manager proposed that I could be a Project Manager, which encompassed a range of tasks beyond just technical responsibilities. It was quite the change to begin with, but I realised as I got to grips with the new position that it was more suited to my skillset and long-term ambitions. I’m really appreciative that the business identified the opportunity for me.

What three words would you use to describe Nevion?

In my experience at Nevion, it all comes down to the three Cs of communication, cooperation and customer satisfaction. One of my main responsibilities as a Project Manager is communication with the customer, but also cooperation with other departments internally. However, arguably the ultimate goal of my work is to ensure that customers are happy, so all-in-all those three words sum it up nicely!

What interested you about working in the broadcast industry?

The industry is agile and fast moving, so we need to be flexible during the delivery of new solutions and technologies to our customers and the wider industry. What I like about that is the fact that it’s super satisfying when I see the positive outcome of a delivered project. This could for example be the high viewing figures for a one-off global event. That’s what really attracted me to the industry.

Can you tell us about a project you have worked on during your time at Nevion that you are most proud of?

Nevion was a key partner in delivering a big project for the Italian football league, which had a very tight timeline for completion and a lot of equipment involved. It became one of the first projects I worked on following my move to Project Manager. Even the slightest delay wasn’t acceptable as the due date was fixed, but thanks to the amazing cooperation between our colleagues and the efforts of our professional services team, we were able to meet the deadline, which seemed almost out-of-reach at the beginning.

What is your favorite thing about working for Nevion?

It’s definitely the people. All departments at Nevion work together to achieve their goals. The Italian football project is the perfect example as everyone collaborated during the summer vacation period to ensure that equipment, shipment and configuration was all accounted for before the go-live date. We also had the challenge of the pandemic to deal with and Covid restrictions, but we managed to overcome them thanks to the effort of our teams.

What new technology/ innovation excites you the most in the broadcasting world?

5G is an especially exciting innovation because of its role in the production of live content. It’s an amazing new technology as it will give broadcasters the chance to improve live content production and make it more efficient and cost effective across locations. I’m looking forward to witnessing the impact it will play in our industry moving forward.

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