Working at Nevion – Q&A with Zeeshan Ahmad Khan

Meet Zeeshan Ahmad Khan, Support Manager at Nevion, based in the UK.

Welcome to our newest series of Q&A with the Architects! At Nevion, we’re proud of our people and we have built up a great global team of professionals, with knowledge and expertise in broadcasting, telecoms, IT, hardware, software, baseband and IP network technology.

In this new series, we wanted to give you the chance to get to know some of our Architects personally.

What attracted you to join Nevion as part of your career journey?

I knew from my previous experience that the working culture in smaller to medium sized companies such as Nevion is usually very good, so that made it a particularly appealing opportunity for me. Once I began my role, I found Nevion to be a fun-loving company full of innovative, friendly people, and there’s lots of social events to take part in. It truly feels like I’m part of a family here.

How has your role progressed whilst you’ve been at Nevion?

I joined the team in September 2013 as a Customer Support Engineer, and later was promoted to Senior Support Engineer after a few years. I’m now a Support Manager, having been promoted to the role in 2018, where I take on responsibility for looking after some of our large accounts. It has been a great journey for me so far, and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of taking on new roles and responsibilities as I’ve progressed.

How would you describe your role at Nevion?

My role is to provide the best quality support and services to our customers. My department is effectively the face of the organization so it’s crucial for me to know the products inside out while ensuring I build a long-term relationship with our customers too. The other part of my role is mentoring and coaching our junior colleagues who are new to Nevion’s support team. I help guide them and assist in getting them up-to-speed quickly on the tools needed to effectively make an immediate impact.

What interested you about working in the broadcast industry?

The broadcast industry was a sector that I originally had little knowledge of when I first entered it, but once I was in, I found it incredibly interesting. Although it’s a A lot of my previous skills from the IT and telecoms sector were transferable to the broadcasting industry, which was one of the initial attractions. Broadly speaking, it’s not a huge industry, so now it feels special to be part of a small and unique group. What’s more, Nevion has been involved in many big events over the years, which has been a source of pride for me. R&D is our backbone, so the magic truly happens within our innovative teams.

Can you tell us about a project you have worked on during your time at Nevion that you are most proud of?

I was most recently part of the project to transform the whole of Finland’s radio network, ensuring that it benefitted from increased redundancy and reliability. I was incredibly proud to be part of a project that transformed the network of an entire country, knowing that the region’s residents can listen to the radio because of the work we did. Before this project, I was also heavily involved in updating the country’s terrestrial network and its emergency service, so I’ve had a major role to play across several vital projects in Finland.

What is your favorite thing about working for Nevion?

Nevion provides lots of flexibility to its employees to suit different family situations, allowing them to work remotely if needed, and this was the case even pre-pandemic. There’s also a good work-life balance at the organization with generous healthcare and social benefits provided, plus generous pension contributions. Nevion definitely looks after our present requirements with a focus our futures as well.

What new innovation excites you the most in the broadcasting world?

This industry is undoubtedly moving at a very quick speed, which has been accelerated by the pandemic. Broadcasting has been increasingly moving into IP and now cloud-based technologies. I’m really excited to see how the cloud will shape the industry in the future, and we’ve already been involved in virtualization on a lot of our media functions and software including services such as VideoIPath. The acquisition of Nevion by Sony also means we can offer products and services that we couldn’t before, so it’s certainly an exciting time!

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