SVG Europe Sit-Down: Geraint Williams, Founder and CEO, ADI

3 Feb 2015, SVG Europe:
ADI, UK’s fastest growing venue network, compresses the video in transit across multiple networks by using Nevion’s JPEG 2000 codec and VideoIPath managed media services platform to control the Juniper switch fabric to provide scheduled end-to-end connectivity and inventory management. The solution enables the deployment of multiple high-quality HD or SD video feeds over a combination of 1 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 GigE circuits. It’s the glue of ADI’s branded LiveVenue product. “While display costs have driven down the cost of creating content has gone up, as the consumer’s expectation of sports TV content has risen,” says Williams. “Fifteen years ago the proportion of our spend on technology versus content would have been high. Now the ratio has reversed.”   Click to read the full article…

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