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Esports Expands Audiences Using Broadcast IP Production & Distribution – Part 2 – The IP Technology (The Broadcast Bridge)

Esports viewership worldwide is on a steep upward trajectory and will soon begin to challenge traditional sports broadcast audience figures. As the esports and traditional sports communities converge, what can traditional broadcasters learn from the remote production workflows being pioneered by one of esports’ major game developers? This article in […]

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Driving the Move to IP Broadcast (Digital Media World)

Although IP is by now a familiar method for broadcast contribution over wide area networks (WANs), and its use in local area network(LAN) environments is becoming more common for broadcast signal transport within studio- and campus facilities, it is important to be aware of the key drivers for this move. Olivier Suard, Vice President […]

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What’s Driving The Move To IP? (TV Technology)

“What’s Driving The Move To IP?” asks Olivier Suard, Nevion VP of MArketing. The answer is that new facilities, remote production needs among top reasons for IP boom. This article explores how the drive the move to IP, and also highlights that other opportunities exist for broadcasters to “dip their […]

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