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3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx, +5dBm – DISCONTINUED 3GHD electrical to optical DWDM converter

Order no: (50082) - DISCONTINUED


The Flashlink 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx is a single multi bit-rate electrical to optical converter module providing high performance media conversion for various signal formats from 19.4Mbps up to 2970Mbps. Unmatched signal accuracy, even in critical applications with pathological signal patterns makes the 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx first choice for all optical transport demands.

The 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx can transport all HD and SD signal formats in addition to DVB-ASI and SMPTE310M. It performs electrical equalizing and signal re-clocking, which is selectable on application. High quality optical transmitters using narrowband temperature stabilized +5dBm DWDM DFB lasers. 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx is suitable for medium and long haul applications. The open system platform of Nevion Flashlink system allows easy interoperability with third party fiber optical systems.

The 3GHD-EO-D15xx.xx unit has also two electrical outputs, which reduces the need for additional DA’s. The electrical input is equipped with a multi rate cable equalizer providing an equalization of typically 75m of high quality coax cable at 2970Mbps.


  • Ultra long reach, >100km without regeneration
  • 40x 3GHD-SDI channels onto 1 fiber
  • Small form-factor


  • Long haul video transport
  • Optical networks
  • Video contribution
  • Dark fiber networks

Key Features

  • +5dBm laser for extended reach
  • Automatic input equalization
  • Automatic reclocking of all video signals including DVB-ASI
  • Automatic reclocker bypass of non-video signals

Document   3ghd-eo-d_ds_0

Document   3ghd-eo

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