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AES-IP-MUX – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) AES over IP multiplexer

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Application Area: Broadcast Infrastructure, IP Production Networks Functionality: IP adaptation Media Interface: Digital audio (AES) Technology: AES67, PTP Transport interface: IP/Ethernet, Optical fiber

The AES-IP-MUX is an audio over IP product for broadcast infrastructure use.

Its main application is to provide a secure and standardized IP transport network that bridges between base band audio and Audio over IP systems. The audio is transported as AES67 and Nevions VideoIPath management system virtualizes the AES67 network into a router level  to allow broadcast router management systems to control the audio IP network as a standard audio router.

Its encapsulation design is optimized for low and fixed latency in the audio network. The audio signals may be transported completely bit transparently ensuring optimized audio quality and enabling transport of intercom systems utilizing AES.

The board can interface both electrically and optically to LANs.

The product provide routing of audio in the IP layer, and multiple AES-IP-MUXes can be used together as a large distributed audio router.

The card is easy to use with minimum setup needed and broadcast centric control enabled thru Nevions control panel support.


  • Can be deployed on LANs
  • Unlimited scaling
  • Can use existing CAT5 cabling and SOHO switches


  • Digital audio transport and routing on Gigabit LAN
  • Audio networking
  • Intercom transport

Key Features:

  • Low latency (down to 250us)
  • Fully bit transparent audio transport of all channels
  • 16 configurable AES ports
  • PTP clock reference
  • Wordclock/ AES11 reference output
  • AES67 compliant stream
  • CWDM and DWDM support for long distance transport
  • Optics removable with main board without detaching fiber connections.

Document   AES-IP-VMUX DS

24119 AES-IP-MUX


Document   AES-IP-MUX_Rev.H

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