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CP-TOUCH Touch Screen Control Panel

Order no: 19737

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The CP-TOUCH control panel is a highly customizable touch-screen control panel that may be used in a variety of different applications including master control, studio automation and outside broadcast. The control panel is designed for combined control of signal processing and routing equipment.

CP-TOUCH occupies one rack-unit and the control surface is based on a wide touch-screen that works in conjunction with two rotary wheels. The touch-screen allows for the customization of the user experience.

The panel may be programmed with multiple layouts for different production needs.

The panel is fully integrated with Nevion´s Multicon control system for control of Flashlink signal processing and vikinX video/audio routers. Control of third-party broadcast equipment is also possible using plug-ins.

  • Touch screen interface with up to 40 virtual buttons
  • Adjustable color assignment per button
  • Support for multiple button layouts (and navigation between layouts)
  • Menu based navigation (no button configuration required)
  • Accelerated adjustment of parameters using rotary wheels
  • Scrollable input and output selection using rotary wheels (for large router support)


CP-TOUCH 1.4.3

Maintenance release. See release notes for details for further details. Please download and unzip the required software below:

  CP-TOUCH Release Notes 1.4.3 (09/05/2016)


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