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The CP560 DVB-T2 Gateway provides a central point of control for DVB-T2 networks, enabling the operator to take advantage of the more efficient spectrum utilization promised by the next generation terrestrial broadcasting technology. The CP560 utilizes the advanced processing capabilities of the cProcessor family to adapt the transport stream into the DVB-T2 Modulator Interface format.

The CP560 also enables the DVB-T2 Modulator Interface to control the modulator parameters and provides the accurate timing and rate control required for SFN (single frequency network) operation. The CP560 is part of Nevion’s cProcessor product family, a line of compact and powerful and cost-effective, products designed for advanced processing and handling of MPEG transport streams. The CP560 provides flexible interfacing with ASI or IP inputs, and DVB-T2 MI outputs over ASI and IP.


  • Efficiency increase of up to 50% compared to DVB-T
  • Central point of control for DVB-T2 networks
  • Higher signal robustness compared to DVB-T
  • Better frequency usage with SFN


  • Gateway between DVB-T2 head-ends and transmission network
  • Centralized control and signalling of DVB-T2 modulators
  • Synchronization for DVB-T2 SFN networks
  • DVB-T2 preprocessing
  • DVB-T2 Lite networks

Key Features

  • DVB-T2 MI interface to the DVB-T2 and DVB-T2Lite modulators
  • Single and multiple PLP operation
  • Seamless SFN/MFN T2 switching between units in 1+1 configuration
  • ASI and IP input/output interfaces with redundancy
  • User-friendly configuration and control
  • Compact, cost-effective solutions with 2 units in 1RU

Document   Nevion_CP560_data_sheet_R1935


These mibs apply for the cProcessor, nSure and Video Gateway products.

Document   mibs ()

CP560 2.6.0

The CP560 software release 2.6.0 is a patch release, see release notes for full details.

Document   CP560_release_notes_2_6_0 (11/06/2013)

Document   CP560_users_manual_rev_2_2_0

Document   TXP HTTP/XML protocol

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