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DA-VAEQ-6 – DISCONTINUED (LTB 31.12.2019) Analog video distribution amplifier with equalizer and passive input loop

Order no: (22169) - LEGACY

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: Other

The Flashlink DA-VAEQ-6 is a 1×6 analog video distribution amplifier with input equalizer, gain, black level clamping and passive input loop. It provides high performance media distribution for analog standard definition video signals. Adjustable equalization and gain allows bringing back a signal to proper shape after up to 300m of cable. Automatic clamping ensures correct black level at all times.

The DA-VAEQ-6 is designed for all standard definition analog video distribution purposes and is also well suited for distribution of AES-3id signals.

LEGACY – Proposed replacement: DA-VA


  • Black & burst distribution
  • Analog video distribution
  • AES distribution

Key Features

  • DC to 6MHz analog video
  • 6 non-inverting outputs
  • Input equalization for up to 300m of cable
  • +/-3dB gain adjustment
  • Automatic black level clamping
  • Passive loop-through on backplane

Document   da-vaeq-6_data_sheet

Document   da-vaeq-6

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