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FLASHCASE – Planned for Discontinuation (LTB 2023.03.31) - Portable rugged enclosure for live productions

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The Nevion FlashCase is a ruggedized housing for flashlink cards in live event productions.

It is a building block in Nevions CSI award-winning Flashlink Live Media Networking solution, being a plug-and-play stagebox for transport of video, audio, data, sync and intercom from/to video and audio ingest positions.

The FlashCase design is modular and it is customizable to fit each application. It supports all Flashlink modules, covering a complete range of 3G-SDI video and audio processing as well as dark fiber video, data and Ethernet transport. The FlashCase also features an in-band management solution enabling control and monitoring of equipment in remote locations.


  • Easy production setup – plug and play
  • fiber density
  • Multi-camera support


  • Live productions
  • Production truck fiber optic extension/connection
  • Media ingest
  • Camera interfacing
  • Studio/event relay box
  • Video/audio transport
  • Video trunking
  • Data communication
  • Dark fiber transport

Key Features

  • Supporting upto 5 Flashlink modules
  • Rugged connectors
  • Rugged water resistant housing for reliable performance in harsh environment
  • Compact and lightweight – fully populated weight is under 5 kilograms / 11 pounds
  • CWDM support – optional
  • Internal fans and power supply monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and control with Web interface and SNMP available through in-band management application

Document   flashcase_model_live_ds


Item No. Item Name Description
20248 FLASHCASE II MOD 1 Frame for 5 Flashlink modules. Compact and light weight. With two Neutrik fiber connector, each connector with 4 x fibers. Also 8x BNC, 6x XLR male, 6x XLR female and 4x RJ45.
22748 CWDM1-8 Flashcase II Optical low-loss CWDM multiplexer or de-multiplexer for Flashcase II, CWDM ch 1 to 8.  Does not occupy any slots of the Flashcase II.
23194 CWDM9-16 w/upgrade Flashcase II Optical low-loss CWDM multiplexer or de-multiplexer for Flashcase II, CWDM ch 9 to 16, with upgrade port for connecting to CWDM1-8.  Does not occupy any slots of the Flashcase II.
21932 SL-PWR-90-FLASHCASE 90W power supply for Flashcase II.

Document   flashcase-ii_model_1.reva_

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