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HD-TD-10GX-8-SFP - 8ch direction configurable HD/SD/ASI multiplexer

Order no: 23979

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: Media aggregation and multiplexing

The Flashlink HD-TD-10GX-8-SFP is an 8 channel bi-directional video multiplexer supporting HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI.

The card features dynamic direction configuration of inputs and outputs, making the product adopt to changing requirements.

All video channels are transported transparently with fixed low latency ensuring plug and play. The product also supports video streams that are individually asynchronous, allowing multi-standard video transport over the same link.

An output router allows any signals from the incoming multiplex to be routed to any selected video outputs, bringing flexibility to connectivity.

The converter utilizes SFPs that are optical pluggable devices supporting both CWDM and DWDM. This makes the product suitable for short and medium/ long haul applications. Optical standards compliance allows for easy inter-operability with third party fiber optical systems.

The product is easy to use with minimum setup needed. The element manager Multicon Gyda brings extensive monitoring capabilities thru web interface and SNMP.


  • > 100 HD-SDI over a single fiber using CWDM
  • Increased utilization of existing fiber infrastructure
  • Maintaining synchronicity thru low latency video transport


  • Dark fiber networks
  • Optical video transport
  • Broadcast contribution networks

Key Features

  • HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI support
  • Transparent
  • < 2 lines latency for HD-SDI
  • 2 electrical inputs
  • 2 electrical outputs
  • 4 direction configured electrical ports
  • Support 18 channel of CWDM
  • Support 40 channel of DWDM
  • Video router on de-multiplexer
  • Up to 24 dB optical budget


Item numberItem NameDescription long
23979HD-TD-10GX-8-SFP8 channel bidirectional 10Gbps multiplexer for HD/SD-SDI and ASI utilizing SFP+ interface. 2 fixed inputs, 2 fixed outputs and 4 direction configurable I/O ports. SFP+ is not included. See Nevions portfolio of 10G SFP+ for optical system selection

Optical SFP+ is not included and needs to be ordered seperately.

Applicable SFP+s to be used with this product are:

​20094       SFP-TR10-850-SR                10G Ethernet SFP+ standard optical 850nm Multi-Mode transceiver
23042       SFP-TR10-13T-ER                10G Ethernet SFP+ standard optical 1310nm transceiver

23043       SFP-TR10-C1xxx-ER            10G Ethernet SFP+ optical CWDM ext. reach transceiver
23044       SFP-TR10-C1xxx-ZR             10G Ethernet SFP+ optical CWDM ultra ext. reach transceiver

23045       SFP-TR10-D1xxx.xx-ER        10G Ethernet SFP+ optical DWDM ext. reach transceiver
23046       SFP-TR10-D1xxx.xx-ZR         10G Ethernet SFP+ optical DWDM ultra ext. reach transceiver

See link for more information


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