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Nevion Configurator Software System Configuration for Flashlink and VikinX

The Nevion Configurator is a configuration tool for Multicon-based systems, which allows you to graphically configure the control system. Nevion Configurator is a free tool available for Nevion customers. The Nevion Configurator auto-detects all equipment in your network and allows you to focus on how you want to control your VikinX or Flashlink installation. Note that the Nevion Configurator supports both configuration of VikinX router systems and Flashlink signal processing.

The graphical user interface has been redesigned to make setup of your Multicon system as easy as possible. The software uses specially developed wizards and drag & drop menus to guide operators through an installation process, quickly making all users productive, whatever their experience.

The Nevion Configurator also comes with a tree view of all Flashlink and VikinX devices detected in your network, providing easy access to Multicon element managers and controllers.

Note: Systems with SYSCON, ETH-CON, GYDA-SC, GYDA-VX controllers must be configured with the System Configurator.

Key Features

  • Supports configuration of virtual routers, salvos, parameters, levels, and mnemonics
  • Automatic redundancy configuration
  • Supports online and offline configuration
  • Backup configuration may be exported and imported
  • Auto-detection of supported equipment
  • Button assignments for hardware and software control panels
  • Configuration of IP settings
  • Firmware upgrade
  • License key management

Document   configurator

Nevion Configurator 4.8.3

Maintenance release for Nevion Configurator. See release notes for further details.

Document   Release_notes_Configurator_4.8.3 (20/04/2021)

Document   Nevion.Configurator.User.Manual.revF

Document   ConfiguratorInstaller_4.8.3

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