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By adding intelligence to monitoring, our nSure products protect both the content owner and the network operator.

The nSure portfolio is a powerful toolbox for continuous monitoring of video RF signals, transport streams, video flows, services, PIDs and PSI/SI/PSIP tables. In an increasingly complex broadcast infrastructure, nSure solutions simplify the day to day operations of the network operator and provide an ideal tool for video signals and transport stream monitoring, error detection and correction and fast diagnostics of erroneous signals in an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

Thanks to high density and flexibility, nSure products offer a cost-effective solution for monitoring video-centric networks at various locations. By simplifying error tracking, it helps resolve issues faster ensuring higher uptimes.

The alarm engine is extremely flexible and allows users to customize alarm profiles to suit their unique application. In addition to QoS It offers monitoring features for QoE and provides stream analysis features useful in trouble-shooting situations.

Nevion nSure products can be configured via an easy-to-use web interface and interact with overlaying network management systems like Nevion VideoIPath.







  • Monitoring of signals at hand-over points
  • Central head-end input monitoring
  • Satellite uplink input monitoring

Transport Stream Key Features

  • QoS monitoring
    •   ETSI TR101 290 priority 1-3
    •   Service and PIDs monitoring (bit rates, names, components,…)
    •   Ad-insertion monitoring and logging (SCTE35)
    •   Template monitoring down to component level
    •   HbbTV monitoring
    •   SLA monitoring
  • QoE monitoring
    •   Thumbnail display
    •   Black and freeze frame detection (configurable thresholds)
    •   Audio Silence monitoring
    •   EPG analysis and monitoring w/ built-in EPG viewer

SDI Key Features

  • SDI signal monitoring and error detection
  • QoE monitoring
    •   Thumbnail display
    •   Black and freeze frame detection (configurable thresholds)
    •   Audio Silence monitoring
  • Ancillary data monitoring
  • Audio loudness monitoring
  • Template monitoring for components presence and type
  • Active outputs for routing signals for recording external analysis

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