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PGM-HD-2×1-PB – DISONTINUED (LTB01.03.2018) V-fade switch with inputs bypass protection for back-up switching

Order no: (19729) - LEGACY

Categories: Product Family: Flashlink Functionality: Redundancy switching

The Flashlink PGM-HD-2×1-PB is an affordable back-up mixing unit, intended for in-program mixing applications. The unit applies fade out/fade in of video and embedded audio, controlled by two GPI lines. The fade in and fade out times are independently adjustable for both inputs with an adjustable period of all-black. The audio gain can be set independently for the two video inputs to match their perceived audio volumes. The PGM-HD-2×1-PB has a built-in frame synchronizer, enabling error free switching between asynchronous sources, which is fully controlled by onboard switches and buttons. The frame synchronizer functionality also allows for adjustment of the video output phase to match the main mixer output. The two inputs are protected by a relayed bypass, ensuring passive bypass of both input signals at power down or card failure. The PGM-HD-2×1-PB has a user friendly configuration and monitoring interface in the Flashlink element manager Multicon. This unit can also be used stand-alone, enabling easy integration with existing equipment.


  • Cost efficient video mixer back-up
  • High level of integration


  • Studio video mixer back-up
  • Studio infrastructure

Key Features

  • 2 electrical inputs
  • V-fade switching with adjustable fade timings
  • GPI control
  • Adjust audio gain independently per input channel
  • Frame synchronizer with output phase adjustment and frame store
  • Video generator
  • OSD label generator
  • Easy-to-use web interface and manual interface
  • SNMP support
  • Relay bypass of both inputs on board failure

Document   pgm-hd-2x1-pb_ds

Document   pgm-hd-2x1-pb

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